As we always say, Google is set to improve search even if its search engine already dominates the web. Algorithms are frequently changed to make sure that spammers don’t abuse the results pages. You may not notice it but even your searching behaviour changes. Every individual differs in how he searches for a keyboard but one thing will remain the same: the need to search.

Google strives to be smarter every time by remembering data or saved information. It remembers one’s location, often used terms, language, and more. Google can master language now as the developers continue to improve the system that can provide a deeper understanding of keywords or in some cases, questions.

You see, more and more people search in question forms so Google is set on enhancing the process of understanding what is being asked by “breaking down a query to understand the semantics of each piece” as described by the search engine. This way, the intent is understand before “traversing” what they call the Knowledge Graph in a more reliable manner. The goal is to find the most useful answers and the correct facts.

How will Google do this? It will understand superlatives first, then a particular point in time, and then some complex combinations.

Here are sample questions that Google will try to understand:

• SUPERLATIVES. “What are the largest cities in Texas?”
• TIME. “What songs did Taylor Swift record in 2014?”
• COMBINATION. “Who was the U.S. President when the Angels won the World Series?”

With Google’s expertise in search, no doubt it will be able to understand search in question form better and quicker than before. Time will come that even Google knows what you would ask even before you know it. That may be freaky but you know, Google has eyes and ears everywhere.

SOURCE: Google


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