Despite rumors the past few weeks that we’ll see a Pixel Watch soon, Google has confirmed that they won’t actually be releasing their very own Wear OS Watch, at least not this 2018. Instead, they will be focusing all their efforts on working with smartwatch makers into implementing the updates they announced for the platform this IFA 2018. There are a lot of smartwatches that are going to be unveiled this week at the trade show in Berlin, so there will not be a lack of options for those looking for new wearables.

According to Miles Bar, Google’s director of engineering for Wear OS, they will be focusing more on working with partners for the platform and they are “not there yet” when it comes to conceptualizing and eventually releasing a smartwatch that would be a one-size-fits-all device. A PR representative from Google also confirmed that there will be no Pixel Watch announcement any time this year.

What Google is doing now in terms of Wear OS is to work with OEMs in approving their designs for their new smartwatches or firmware updates and also to suggest new features based on what people are buying or looking for. One of the suggestions they made to some of these companies include the addition of heart rate sensors and NFC chips. They are also working on rolling out the new Wear OS update which includes giving Google Assistant a more pro-active role.

Some people were actually hoping that Google was in the process of developing a smartwatch that can appeal for those who are looking for good design with great features. Few are able to cross that divide, at least for those who are picky when it comes to wearables. But if ever they would be developing one in the future, expect that it will be integrating AI and machine learning into it, which are areas of expertise for their Pixel smartphones.

For now, Google is busy in rolling out the Wear OS update to current users and also those new devices that were just announced at IFA. Hopefully, their next project would be for battery life improvement, still a must-have for a lot of smartwatch users.

VIA: Tom’s Guide