Tis the season to be jolly right? Google has just released another awesome video similar to their Halloween edition but this time wishing everyone a Happy Holidays and showing us just how fun it would be to work for Google. I could explain this awesome video, or the fact that all the Motorola XOOM’s are running Ice Cream Sandwich but I’ll just let you enjoy it for yourself.

OK maybe I’ll comment a little bit. First off I’d love to have that Galaxy Nexus desk dock shown in the video — not to mention having Santa calling me. The XOOM with Ice Cream Sandwich would be awesome. It’s already been compiled by developers but an official update is probably coming soon. The best part is they wish us specifically, (Android Community) a Happy Holidays. Fun!

I’m still watching this hoping to see a glimpse or hint at something fun like a Nexus Tablet (shown behind the tablet singers) but sadly I’m having no such luck. This just appears to be a fun holiday filled video from our friends at building 44 — Google HQ. Did anyone notice the Galaxy Tab 10.1 behind the Santa Loot window? Maybe you’ll get one this Christmas.

What does everyone want for Christmas this year? If you could have one Android device what would you choose?