Google has announced a radical shift in mobile video editing. With their change to Google+ today, Google has introduced some very robust video editing features, meant to blur the lines between desktop editing and mobile. The features are exciting, and remind us of something many of us use daily.

The best part is, Google will start doing this automatically for us. Like they do with pics that can be made into a gif, Google+ will now start alerting you that it’s made a video montage in the same vein. Google is noting they have an algorithm that can detect how the videos should be spliced and arranged, too. You live your life, take pictures and videos, and Google will make you a little home movie. From there, you can change it manually.

The most accurate way we know to put it is that Google’s new video features are like iMovie for mobile. Simple, clean, and seemingly pretty simple to use. Users can now edit, create, and add audio tracks to movies right from mobile. You can even choose the duration of your video, and change the effect, should you want to. While the automatic feature is great, sometimes we want to add a personal touch.

By selecting pics and videos we take, Google+ will arrange them in video format, and choose the best arrangement. While Google didn’t say so, we’d like to think it simply finds the timestamp from the video and uses a simple timeline arrangement. From there, the fun of editing begins.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 11.10.21 AM

We can remove or add pics and video we want, so making those abstract cut-ins are now possible form mobile. By using gestures, we’ll have the ability to change the look and feel of the video, too. We can add a filter to give it a different look, or even add a music track. Google has a dozen or so tracks to choose from, though it’s not clear if we’ll have the ability to add our own tracks at some point (probably some licensing issues there).

We can also choose the duration of the video, which comes with a few preset lengths for us. Once we edit (if we do), Google+ will save it automatically, and allow you to share it with a few clicks. We’ll be sure to run it through its paces once we get our hands on it, but for now, we really are impressed with what we’ve seen today.