Google Wifi and Nest Wifi

With every household getting busier each day whether because of the adults’ work or the children’s online schooling, there is a demand for a faster Internet connection. There is 5G mobile connectivity being pushed all over the world but it may be long before it becomes a standard. WiFi is still the most popular. It just needs to improve and become faster than ever. With the needs of the people staying at home increasing, WiFi must become strong and reliable.

Fast is another thing but the connection must be dependable all the time. Google wants to contribute to the market by offering Google WiFi at a reduced price. One unit costs $99 and it can already cover up to 1,500 square feet.

The other pack is a better deal because, for $199, you already get three units of Google WiFi. Together, they can cover areas up to 4,500 square feet.

Internet performance is critical these days. Service providers and telecoms are doing their best to improve their products and networks. As for Google, it will help the market by updating all Nest WiFi and Google WiFi systems. With a quick update, you can soon see if a new device has joined your network so you can check the bandwidth.

The new device notifications will help alert and let you know if there are many devices connecting to your network. You will see the alert within the Google Home app. This is to avoid congestion especially if the connection is slow.

If a signal boost is what you want for your Nest Wifi or Google WiFi, get the update. Enable the feature by launching the Google Home app> Settings> Notification> Nest wifi> Turn on or off New Device notifications.


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