If you’re the kind of person who likes to test your vocabulary knowledge every once in a while, this new feature/game from Google would probably amuse you or you won’t stop playing ever. Word Coach is both informative and also simply gamified so it won’t feel like you’re taking a test. This feature pops up when you search for word meanings through Google. But it is also available if you search for Word Coach through your Google app or through the Chrome browser.

When you search for a word that you’re probably not sure what it really means, Google will show you the dictionary/thesaurus meaning and you don’t need to click on any of the results anymore (unless you want to investigate further). Now, you will also see the Word Coach mini game underneath and the first question will have something to do with the word you searched for, just to see if you finally understood. The succeeding four questions will then spread out to other words.

You will get only two choices to pick from, and the questions range from word meaning to synonyms/antonyms, and even to images. After you finish the round of 5 questions, you get the option to move on to another round of five questions. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself spending hours just answering them, if words are your thing. However, when you leave the page, it won’t remember your score and so you will have to start over again.

You can also search for “Word Coach” from your Google app or your Chrome browser if you just want to start playing the game. Let’s see if they will eventually launch a stand-alone app or if they will add more features to it or this is as simple and as best as it gets.

VIA: Android Police