If it’s been your dream for one of your photos to show up as a Chromecast background, then you better get yourself a Google Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone. That’s because the tech giant has opened up a call for photo entries, as long as the photos are taken by two of their newest devices. They will appear as backdrop content for users of Chromecast, when they aren’t watching videos or listening to music. This is part of their efforts to highlight the camera features of the Pixel smartphones.

Submitting your photos is actually pretty easy. You just have to post them on Google+, Instagram, or Twitter, and use the hashtag #teampixel. If they like your photo, they will get in touch with you through a private message on the platform and give you more instructions/directions on how to get featured. Aside from the fact that that the photo has to be shot using a Pixel or Pixel XL, it seems that you can shoot and submit almost anything you like.

There are a few suggestions (not really guidelines, but tips) from Google so your chances of getting picked are higher. They suggest landscapes, macro, nature, animals, abstract, life, cities, buildings, textures, as these are the things most likely people appreciate as backgrounds. Landscape orientation is also suggested, and you should not put watermarks, logos, or any branding on it. And of course it has to be family friendly (no nudes please) since it will most likely be seen on millions of devices.

Previously, Chromecast backgrounds were taken from Google+ photos, satellite imagery, and art pieces. Picture attribution was usually shown on the lower right hand corner, so photo chosen from #teampixel will probably also show that.

SOURCE: Google