The venerable folks at Google have just issued another update to Google Wallet. Hopefully this time it won’t cause issues for all of us rooted users either. While Google Wallet is still in its infancy and waiting to really take off, they’ve added tons of enhancements and improvements with today’s update. Read on below for the full changelog and don’t forget to use that $5 Wallet gave us last month.

First off the update mentions UI improvements but I don’t see too many changes to the overall user interface. It does feel smoother and maybe a bit more polished, but nothing major in regards to the UI or design. I’m sure everyone will be fine with more privacy and security and Google mentions that too. The update was just released today but the changelog appears to be the same as the previous update back in March.

This time around it specifically mentions privacy enhancements as well as bug fixes. While Google hasn’t listed anything specific regarding what bugs or issues have been resolved, I’m sure some of those random crashes some reported should stop with this update. For now Google Wallet is still incompatible with almost all of my Android devices so until things open up a bit, this will have to do.

If you are one of the few able to use Google Wallet, head to the Play Store here to get the latest version. Drop us a comment if you see anything new in the Terms of Service agreements when you fire up the app.