When Google launched Google Wallet two days ago, there were concerns on how Google had chosen to launch the NFC-based system. Today’s announcement has expanded the horizon for the service. While we already heard about a few of the supported payment methods, today new details have confirmed VISA will also be added to the list.

With the current state of the release, only Now Network customers using a Nexus S 4G had access to Google Wallet. At that, only Citi and Mastercard users could link their credit cards to the service. Google’s announcement that it has gained the support of Visa, American Express, and Discover shows that the major credit card companies are finally willing to back the service.

Though Google Wallet doesn’t currently support these credit cards, Google has announced that they are working hard to bring these other backers up to the service as a part of their “commitment to an open commerce ecosystem.” In doing so, they are widening the potential audience for the application. Hopefully Google Wallet will receive greater adoption through the release of more NFC-enabled devices in the months to come.

[via Google]