Google Wallet Balance

Google is busy these days updating native Android apps, thanks to the new Material Design and the highly-anticipated release of the Android 5.0 Lollipop. Because of the Lollipop’s sweetness, we can expect to see more apps to be updated in the coming weeks.

The latest to get an update is the Google Wallet app. If you’ve been using the app for shopping, you may have already forgotten once or twice to add money to your Wallet Balance. It can be frustrating but with the updated app, you can automatically add money and you won’t run out of credits whenever you need to pay for something.

Adding Wallet Balance automatically is made possible through recurring bank transfers. It will require no Google Wallet fees. This new secure feature will give you money fast so you don’t have to worry of having a low balance. Just schedule a bank transfer so your Google Wallet will receive money automatically at a given date.

To notify you of a low balance on your Google Wallet, the developers also added Low Balance alerts. Wallet Balance doesn’t require any minimum balance but you always need to have enough to shop and pay for items. You can now keep track of Wallet Balance and the app will tell you how much you still have.

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SOURCE: Google Commerce