Google Wallet has been updated. The update brings a few changes, but unfortunately is not able to address the one issue that seems to be most annoying — lack of carrier support. Google Wallet has gone up to version 1.6-R96-v13 and despite the previously mentioned issue, maintains support for devices with Android 2.3.3 or later.

Putting that annoyance to the side and instead focusing on the changes, the Google Wallet app has been given some battery life and user interface improvements as well as some added stability. While we haven’t been using this updated version long enough to comment on battery life, we can say that the interface has indeed been improved.

Launching the Google Wallet app will still give you the security page where you enter your PIN and then from that point, you will be shown the “My Wallet” page which features your current default card. Also included (towards the bottom of the My Wallet page) is a link to the My offers, Rewards cards and Gift cards sections. A single swipe to the right will take you to the Transactions page and another swipe will take you to the Explore plate which details featured and nearby offers.


You also still have the option to adjust settings such as the PIN lockout time, changing the PIN and reseting the app. Additionally, changing the funding source is as simple as tapping on the image of the current default card. All said and done, a decent update for Wallet. Now if we could get Verizon Wireless to have a change of heart so I wouldn’t get so many strange looks trying to use Wallet with my Nexus 7.

[via Google Play]