Google Voice transcriptions are a nice feature of the service. But as any Google Voice user will tell you — the transcriptions are often more comical than useful. That may be the case as of today, however it seems Google has begun working to make some improvements.

Coming by way of Google+, Alex Wiesen has announced that Google will be launching a project this week aimed at making those transcriptions “more useful and accurate for users.” The key here — they are asking for your help in making that happen. Specifically, Google is looking for Voice users to anonymously share their voicemail messages.

While Google Voice is available through the Android app, those looking to participate in this project will need to login to Voice on the web. Once logged in you will see a small popup sitting towards the upper right corner, and along with asking for help and offering a bit of an explanation as to how they will use your messages — you would simply need to tap the box for yes or no.

Aside from being an anonymous setup — Google seems to be making it clear that nobody will be seeing or reading your messages. The details included in the popup touch on how this is being done by “automated systems,” and about how it is “fully automated, and no humans read or listen to your voicemail messages in order to do this.” Furthermore, you can opt out at any time.

VIA: Engadget

SOURCE: +AlexWiesen