Google has finally rolled out a feature that was rumored to be in the works for a few weeks now. Starting with version 3.6 of the Google Search app, you will be able to select and speak in multiple languages and it will give you just the right answer in the right language, no sweat at all.

Sure, Google Search actually supported many languages, but this new feature supports multiple languages simultaneously. In the past, in order to have the app recognize the language you’re speaking in, you’d have to switch between language in the app’s settings so that if you said something in English and it will give you a result in English, even if you were saying something in Japanese. Now you can add Japanese to your list of supported languages and it’ll show Japanese results when you say “konnichiwa”.


There are some caveats to this new feature. First is that it works only with voice searches or spoken words. Typing out foreign words will give you results as if you were searching in your default language. Only a maximum of 5 simultaneous languages are allowed, including your preferred default language. To set that default language, you will have to tap down and hold on the language instead of simply just tapping to enable it.


This new feature will be very convenient not only for those who handle different languages but especially for those traveling abroad. As mentioned, this feature comes via Google Search version 3.6, which should be rolling out to users already.

SOURCE: Google