Google voice search is not a new feature, however it is a feature that seems to be constantly evolving. As such, it is one that should be revisited from time to time. To that point, a new video has recently appeared on YouTube offering a look at what can be done using voice search at this time. The video measures in at slightly longer than 10 minutes in length, but does manage to demo 35 available voice search options.

Keeping in mind that Google voice search now integrates with Google Now and the Knowledge Graph. We have also recently seen some improvements in terms of natural language understanding. Or in other words, you can now talk to Google voice search in a manner more similar to a regular conversation. One example provided in the video begins with a question of “Where am I?”

For this voice search is able to pull up a location and map. But perhaps more interesting is how the natural the follow-up questions can be asked. Following up to the “where am I” question was “show me things to do there.” To which voice search replied back with some places to visit. Basically, one search query can be built upon another making for an easier and more natural conversation.

Other use cases for Google voice search include being able to set up reminders for everything to include movie premiers, book and/or album releases, concerts, television shows and more. Of course, there is also the ability to ask more general questions such as which day a holiday will fall on this year.

In addition, Google voice search can be used to share updates on Twitter or Google+, get language translations, to open apps on your phone, to search for flights, ask for traffic reports, find pictures stored on your device and much more. Bottom line here, if you are new to using Google voice search or feeling stuck with the few options you are currently using it for — you may want to give it another look, and for that the above video would be a good place to start.

VIA: Google+ (Matt Cutts)