Well folks, it’s Friday, October 14th, and the day that so many have waited so long for has finally arrived. The world waits with breathless anticipation of news concerning their favorite mobile devices. The Google Voice team is implementing MMS into its text messaging services at long last. Reports of college kids rioting in the streets outside the Google campus have not been confirmed.

In all seriousness, I’m sure that there are those out there who sincerely enjoy MMS, I just don’t know any of them. The Google Voice team is working on a work-around to allow users to see the multimedia messages – just set text messages to forward to your email address in the Settings section of your Android app or the Google Voice web site. The fix only works with one carrier so far, but more are coming soon. There’s still no way to view pictures or video in the app itself, but the developers say they’re planning on implementing it in a future upgrade.

Maybe it’s because I never used text messaging regularly until I could get it for free (which started, incidentally, with Google Voice), but MMS never appealed to me. I know it’s an easy way for featurephones to share media quickly, but these days it just seems kind of redundant. And in any case, Android has support for MMS via the default messaging app. We’ll let you know when Google Voice supports the feature so you can party like it’s 1999 for free.

[via Droid-Life]


  1. The inability to send and receive pictures with my wife is the sole reason why I kept my messaging plan around instead of switching to Google Voice. Once this is fully integrated into the app this will be pretty significant news.

  2. Raising my hand for sure, this is the only reason I haven’t switched to Google Voice. It’s much easier to have a regular, non techie person MMS you a picture than have them Email it, it just is.


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