One of the known selling points of the Google Pixel 6 is that they come with their own self-designed chip hardware. So basically it will have Google original chips. So some brilliant people thought of using actual food chips to promote the new Google flagship devices in Japan. And it seems to have worked, at least for those bags of Google Original Chips that were pre-ordered and sold out. We don’t know of course if that will translate to people actually purchasing Pixel 6 devices but at least for publicity’s sake, it worked.

People in Japan had to “apply” to get a pack of the Google Original Chips as part of the promotions for the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. There will be different bag colors although there are no flavors to match them, just the same chips for each bag. Each color supposedly represents the different color variants you can get with the new smartphones. The chip bags are called Kenta, Ai, Taro, Yuta, and Mei but we don’t know if those will be the actual color names when the Pixel 6 is released.

There is of course an ad that accompanies the Google Original Chips. Anyone familiar with Japanese TV ads will not find it weird at all. The bag of chips have replaced the Pixel 6 devices so you’ll see chips being charged, used to make calls, playing music, and even taking selfies. And in case you didn’t yet get the connection of potato chips with the Pixel 6, the last part of the video will “explain” it to you.

There is a more “normal” video ad for the Pixel 6 although it doesn’t really say anything more about the device. The ad implies that the upcoming flagship device will see you as you are, whatever that means. Leaked details about the Pixel 6 Pro are more about the hardware specs, including a possible 50MP Samsung ISOCELL GN1 main sensor, a 12MP Sony IMX386 for the wide-angle camera, and a telephoto camera with Sony’s 48MP IMX386. 

As for the Google Original Chips, there are no indications yet that it will make it to other territories including the U.S. The Pixel 6 is expected to be released mid-October 2021 so let’s wait until then if we’re getting Google-flavored potato chips.