Having the ability to read web pages offline was a very welcome addition to the Chrome web browser for Android devices. According to Google, there are more than 45 million webpages downloaded every week, ever since they introduced this feature last year. Now they have improved it functionally so that you’ll be able to easily download web pages when you’re still online and then get to read them offline later on when you don’t have Internet connection anymore.

If you come across a link in an article that you’re reading and you’re thinking, “I’d probably want to read that later on, but I’m running out of data so I’ll just not read it anymore”, well you don’t have to think that way with the new Chrome for Android. Just long press on the link and then select “Download link” and as long as you have connection, then it will download it. This will also work on the article suggestion on the new tab page.

If you somehow clicked on something and you get the offline dinosaur, you’ll see a Download Page Later option which you can tap and it will automatically do as the button promises as soon as you get back online. Lastly, when you open a new tab on your Chrome app, your downloaded offline articles will have an offline badge. Your list of recent downloads will also be shown there on the new tab page for easier access.

You can update your Chrome for Android app so that you can enjoy all these new downloading offline features. Hope they’ll add more useful features in the future, which are important for those that have limited data connection.

SOURCE: Google