Checking the weather condition shouldn’t be a problem. There are numerous websites and mobile apps that provide the information you need before heading out the door. It’s not enough that you look out the window and see if it’s sunny, raining, or snowing. You need to know the weather predictions so you can be prepared.

You don’t want your day to be ruined by an unexpected change of weather. You need to know if you have to bring an umbrella or an extra layer of clothing. Google isn’t releasing a new weather app but just some changes to search results.

Results will now include important information like the hourly sky conditions, weather alerts, chance of rain, air quality, sunrise and sunset times, UV index, and weather forecast for the next ten days. You can also set locations to your favorites so you’ll know quickly know the weather condition in a particular place. Once set, the locations will soon show in a drop-down list when you search.

Google added some colors to the results so the screen won’t look too boring. The background image will respond to whatever the weather conditions are. You’ll find that little green froggy friend showing off how you can enjoy the weather outside.

SOURCE: Google Inside Search