The Google app is whipping up a new recipe. Well, it is not really cooking but for those of you who like to search for new recipes to try, the mobile app is getting another round of update. Looking for new recipes will now give more related and accurate results, making every amateur cook’s life easier and hopefully, yummier too.

Search for a recipe on the app and Google will show you more than just links to websites where recipes are listed. You can now see special options that tell you if it is healthy or not.

If you’re searching for a particular meal, say..”chicken wings” as illustrated by Google, you will see different varieties on top. Various sources will show and lead you to easy-to-read and understand recipe and instructions. Choose the category or flavor you like and the top recipes will show.

The carousel of choices that will show up on top will offer varieties and suggestions. Tap on one to see a card-style information that offers a quick glimpse of the recipe and ingredients needed. Feel free to choose more than one category and Google will filter the results for you. This way, you are served search results that are close to what you’re really looking for.

See the feature activated on your Google app even without getting the app update. Right now, the special results only show up on the mobile app.

SOURCE: The Keyword (Google)