One of the many apps getting an update from Google is Google Keep. As expected, it will get some Material Design lovin’ from the Internet giant as the Android 5.0 Lollipop is slowly rolling out.

Google Keep 3.0 now features a new launcher icon. The old one features a stack of sticky notes but this one now shows a sheet of paper with a lightbulb on top. The search interface has been updated as well. You can just search for any note you need and see your many lists, reminders, and images.

The Keep app’s navigator drawer has been updated and looks simpler too. The snackbar feature allows undo actions especially while notes are being archived. The app looks mainly yellow but the tinted status bar makes it more eye-catching.

Google has signed the APK which will upgrade the existing app. Google will release the Keep 3.0 on the Google Play Store but you can get the APK and install it on your own.

The new Google Keep 3.0 now offers support for Android Wear. You can also check off lists on your Android wearables. And of course, performance has been improved and more bug fixes were given.

Download APK Mirror HERE. Get Keep app from the Google Play Store.

VIA: Android Police