Google made some changes to the web-based Gmail app for iOS users several months back, and well, as of today it looks like that same update has come available for other mobile platforms. This update includes Android, however users can also expect to see the changes when using a BlackBerry and also a Kindle Fire. And in addition to the update for Gmail on the web, Google has also updated the Gmail Offline app for Chrome on the desktop.

Basically, it looks like some Gmail related updates have arrived today. We suspect the web based version of Gmail may not be as important for Android users given you already have a solid app, but it is nice to see the release brought to parity with the iOS side of the house. Google hasn’t offered a full and detailed changelog, however they have said that it brings the redesigned user interface. You can get a look at the update in the above screen capture.

In addition to the UI changes, this update also included search improvements and integration with Google Calendar. Otherwise, while we will most likely continue using the regular Gmail app on Android, the web version is nice in that a swipe down will bring easy access to the previously mentioned Calendar access. That same swipe down will also give access to Google+ and search (Web).

The Google Offline app is for Chrome and can be found in the Chrome Web Store. This app is still listed as being in beta, however that aside, it basically does what the name implies — gives you offline access to your Gmail account. That access includes being able to read, respond, search and even archive messages. Gmail Offline initially starts by syncing your account, and will then re-sync as you have connectivity.

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