Google has announced an update to their app security protocol for Android, which will now continuously scan your devices for nefarious app activity. Prior to the update, Android verified the security of an app on install, but this update will keep scanning your device for any strange activity. It’s a measure to thwart malware and other odd app behavior.

We previously reported on this change, which has rolled out just as described. You install an app, and Play Store Services checks to make sure it’s a safe version. Malware and suspect code can sneak past the gate, though, further damaging your device. In a time when nefarious black-hat hackers are finding ways to manipulate a device and bypass permissions, this update is timely.

Much like you see if/when you download apps outside of Google Play, the warning message will alert you to any apps that Google feels may be acting out of line. From there, you’ll have the option to remove the suspicious app.

Should you be concerned? Not too much. Google says “the good news is that very few people have ever encountered this; in fact, we’ve found that fewer than 0.18% of installs in the last year occurred after someone received a warning that the app was potentially harmful.” Downloading from the Play Store is always your best bet, but this is another stopgap to keep your device safe. Let’s hope it’s a lasting one.

Source: Google