Google’s social network Google+ has been getting tons of attention lately from the team at Mountain View. The web interface was completely overhauled this week with a fresh new look and improved features, and today they’ve pushed an update for the Android app bringing some awesome web features to mobile. The big one for me is web snippets. You know — the extra information shown when you share a story or a link.

Now with the Google+ mobile app on Android when you share news or links that you find interesting from the web with your followers on an Android device, it will appear detailed, and high quality inside your post. This is much better than the simple title and links the mobile app previously showed. This makes the experience that much closer to the web version — even if we don’t have that shiny new user interface (that I’m still not sure I like.)

The other improvement is hashtag support. Google added hashtags late last year but it never worked on the mobile app. Today we now have full hashtag support and you can try it on the Android app today by searching for #AndroidCommunity. That will bring you plenty of Android related news, mostly from the awesome folks right here at AC. Google’s added the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements as well but on first launch I got a weird “upgrading” screen you can see below. Either way the update is in the Play Store right this minute so for all you +ers go and get it now from the link below.

Google+ Link