Google+ for Android has seen an update today, and it’s all about your photos. With several tweaks to the app, users are being gently encouraged into making Google+ their go-to source for all things photography. In a lot of ways, it’s picking up where Picasa left off.

 The most purposeful twist is the editing feature. The app now has a non-destructive editing feature, which means you can start editing on your phone and pick it up later elsewhere. Changes are saved to the cloud in real-time, so you don’t have to tie yourself to one device, or even finish editing before you leave the app. If you decide you don’t like what you’ve come up with in editing, you can revert to the original — from any device.

The photo layou has changed as well, with all photos for all your devices being laid out in front of you. You can also via photos by date with the “All” view, just by sliding your finger up and down a scroll bar. Sounds a lot like iPhotos, but hey — it works. For larger libraries (which you likely don’t have — we’re talking thousands of photos), the photos won’t show as they will with smaller libraries, but google says they’re working on that.

Google has also slapped in more editing tools, with a bit more Snapseed mixed in. We now get one-touch filters like Drama and Retrolux, and editing tools like crop and rotate. the update is rolling out incrementally, so don’t be alarmed if it takes a few days to reach you.