Google+ is on our update radar again today and has just received the latest update from Google. Between the recent updates to photo tagging, hashtags, instant hangouts on mobile devices and more this is quickly becoming one of Google’s premiere apps. It received a large update last week so I’m surprised to see another so quick — but I’ll take it.

Last weeks update brought the ability to start hangout (video chat) from mobile devices themselves and today they’ve added onto that much needed and awesome feature with the ability to start a video hangout from right inside a messenger conversation. Now users can instantly go from chatting to video chatting with ease. We also have the new layout for photo viewing that Google teased us about a few weeks back. Showing a much simpler and more refined layout similar to what we’ve been seeing with Ice Cream Sandwich.

From my screenshot above you can clearly see the changes to the photo viewing tab but if you’re not careful it will automatically instantly upload every photo from your phone right to Google+. I quickly opted out of that option as I’d only like to share a select few things personally. Google’s also added new icons so users know what photos are new in the instant uploaded list, we can leave one-on-one messenger conversation now too and more. At this rate Google+ will be one amazing application in just a few short months because they seem to be bringing awesome features every few weeks. Get the update available now or head to the market link below.

Market Link — Google+


  1. You disabled the Instant Upload?  It doesn’t share your photos in Google+, it uploads them viewable by you only, and then you can share them with others if you want, or not.  It actually means “instant backup”, which is fantastic.


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