If your first reaction after reading the headline is “Wait, Google+ is still a thing?”, then you are not alone. In light of all the new mobile products that Google has been pushing, it’s been easy to forget that their social network or community is still alive and kicking. It’s been a few months since any update has arrived, but now they’re bringing three new improvements for users that are still convinced that Google+ is the network for them.

First of all, for people who manage an account for a brand or for themselves, they will probably appreciate this new feature if they receive a lot of comments on their posts. Google+ now enables you to hide the low-quality comments so you can easily sort through the more important ones. But just in case you would want to see all the comments, just click on the “View more comments” option in your post settings.

The app is also now making the best of users’ screen size as it eliminates more white space and filling it up with more posts. So if you’re on mobile, you will not have to scroll up or down just to see one post. And since a lot of photographers share their images on the network, you can now zoom in and out of these photos when viewing Google+ on the web.

Lastly, they are bringing back the Events feature into the network. Starting January 24, you will be able to create and join events just like before. Unfortunately, if you’re on G Suite, you won’t be able to use this lasts feature just yet.

SOURCE: Google


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