Ahead of Google’s normal update Wednesday, APKs of the updates to their first party apps have begun rolling in. Google+ has a pretty substantial update enabling Chromecast support while other Google products like YouTube, Chrome Beta and Google Search have gone through minor enhancements. They are not enough to warrant major announcements probably, but of course we still need to be aware of them.

Google+ has the most major update among the apps, with version giving it the ability to cast its content to the TV through Chromecast. That means, if you’re viewing a pretty cool video from one of the people in your Indie Film circle, you can cast it to the bigger screen for better appreciation and enjoyment. You can even control the playback feed through a client app in your phone. So your photos, videos and other things on your G+ feed can now be viewed on your TV, in case you got bored with scrolling through just your smartphone.

The minor updates to the other Google products is as follows: Chrome Beta 37.0.2062.71 changes something in the menu animation as well as the completion arrows in the address bar; YouTube resolved the issue of using the app together with several GAPPs packages; and Search just underwent a few bug fixes.

The G+ update is account-based so be patient if you can’t cast your content yet. The other updates are also slowly rolling out through the Google Play Store. You can update them manually through the APKs provided below or wait until they roll out eventually in the GPS.

Google Chrome Beta 37.0.2062.71
Google Search

VIA: XDA Developers