While much of the Android focus seems to be on Kit Kat and the Nexus 5 at the moment, Vic Gundotra has offered a reminder that Google also has some other things going on. Coming by way of his Google+ page, we have learned there will be an event tomorrow. The catch, this is a Google+ event.

This event was set up by the Google+ team and will take place at 12:30 (9:30AM PST) on October 29. There wasn’t much revealed in terms of what can be expected, but there was a teaser. Along with the event being called, A Morning with Google+, it looks like the team will be “sharing a few updates.”

And for those wondering, in addition to the coverage you can expect here, Google will be live streaming the event. This brings the question of what will be discussed. Speculation seems to point towards Hangouts. Or maybe more accurately, those commenting on the Google+ page seem to be hoping this will be Hangouts related.

Possibly the Google+ team will be discussing SMS and Google Voice integration. That all being said, the fact they are streaming this, as opposed to simply offering a text update on G+ suggests this could be something slightly more exciting. Then again, that could be more hope than anything. Not to mention, that thought still does not give any idea as to what can be expected.

SOURCE: Google+


  1. Maybe they’re gonna offer deeper integrarion with kit-kat? So that way it will seem like a google+ update, but once its revealed, BAM! Kit- Kat announced!

  2. I’m hoping its the hangouts integration for voice and sms. Also it would be nice to have better solutions for enterprise users of Google+.


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