Google’s been busy this week with all sorts of exciting new updates. From Google Chrome for Android to a brand new overhauled Google Voice. Today they’ve issued a massive update to their social network Google+ application with tons of new features. Mainly stating “massive performance improvements across the app”.

Google has been updating their social app quite often to make sure it is steady, stable, and quick. Something the Facebook app for Android could use some help with. Looking over the “What’s New” from the image above we can see an entire host of changes with today’s update. Here is the full change log:

–Massive performance improvements across the app
–What’s Hot!
–View who +1’d a post or comment
–Stream posts shortened to fit more per scroll
–Infinite photos feed in ‘From your circles’
–Stream no longer jumps to the top for an automatic refresh

From my initial few minutes with the latest update things do seem to be running swiftly as I flip through pages, posts, and circles. The streams being shortened to fit more per scroll doesn’t appear to have changed too much. It looks like the previews are just slightly smaller. One of the biggest changes and something I’ve been extremely frustrated with is the automatic refresh jumping to the top. What a pain that has been. I’m extremely glad to see they’ve fixed that minor oversight. The update has just landed and is available right now. Check for updates or hit the market link below to enjoy the latest from Google. Don’t forget to circle us at +AndroidCommunity

Market Link