Even if some people still refuse to jump on the Google+ wagon, Google isn’t about to give up on it but will keep on bringing updates to make existing users happy and to maybe tempt new users to go over to the G side. The latest update to the Android app, version 7.2.0, is actually their third for the year and is set to bring better browsing for external sites as well as syncing it with your Chrome history, autocomplete, etc.

When you click on an external link when you’re in Google+, it will now be loaded using Chrome custom tabs so that the loading and viewing time is much quicker as compared to before. And not only that, if it’s a site that you’ve previously loaded on Chrome and you’ve saved your log-in details among others, it will also load properly and you’ll be signed in when you click it from Google+. This includes saved passwords, autofill, and even Tap to Search and search history.

But if you don’t like using Chrome custom tabs in Google+, you can turn it off as well by unchecking Enable custom tabs, although we don’t know why you would not want to. Another new feature with this update is when you want to go to the top of your Collections, Communities, and Notifications, you don’t need to endlessly scroll up if you’ve been reading for the past hour or so. Just tap on the bottom bar and it will scroll to the top.


Google+ Web Preview also has some minor updates, like the ability to approve or reject comments that have been flagged as spam, and letting users upload multiple images at the same time from your device to a post. Both updates have been rolling out to users. so check if you need to update.

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