Google TV wasn’t mentioned during the keynote today, however there is some related news. Following the keynote, Google announced that Google TV would be getting an update. The update will be arriving sometime in the “coming months” and will bring Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean along with the latest version of Chrome. Aside from simply announcing a new update, Google also released some details about future updates including those from TV OEM partners.

Moving forward, Google TV users should begin seeing regular updates for Chrome. Google has said that in addition to providing the latest version of Chrome with this update, moving forward Google TV users will benefit from the same six week cycle of updates that other Chrome users see. Another Chrome related item arriving with this update deals with content protection.

For this, Google has said they added support for hardware-based content protection within Chrome. Basically, this means developers will be able to provide premium TV content in HD within their web apps. Shifting back to the TV OEM partners and we have what Google is referring to as a “refactored Google TV.” While we suspect the experience will vary from OEM to OEM, this will allow those TV OEM partners to update in a “matter of weeks rather than months.”


Aside from the current line of Google TV devices, it was also said that new devices will be launched sometime “later this year.” While new devices will be coming, Google also provided a look back in time. They have said that in the previous three years, the Google TV platform has grown to include 10 device manufacturers, 5 chipset makers and 5 TV operators across 10 countries.

Google has also said there are now “thousands” of apps available through Google Play and Chrome and that companies such as Gameloft, Redbox Instant,, Ubitus and TuneIn are all currently building TV-customized apps. That all being said, while these seem to be some good updates and good changes that will help to ensure future updates, we do have to wonder if this will be enough to convince more users to pick up a Google TV.