Most application developers are constantly tweaking their app and offering new features via updates. Google does this with some of its applications, but it hasn’t offered anything in the way of updates for its Google TV Remote application. This app has been available for about three years now without an update.

That has all changed this week with Google offering the first official Google TV Remote app update ever. The update brings with it some significant new features including a new voice search option. This means that users can now use their voice to search for movies, TV shows, and other content across the Google TV platform.

The update also adds a new D-Pad that allows users to navigate through menus and other content by swiping or tapping the directional pad. The app also has a pointer mode allowing the user to control the mouse pointer on the screen and use gestures for scrolling and zooming on webpages.

It’s nice to finally see Google putting some attention on this rather ignored application. The app is available as a no-cost download via Google Play right now. The Google TV Remote app supports devices running Android 2.2 or higher.

[via CNET]