Over the weekend Google made some noise about an upcoming announcement for Google TV. Over on their official Facebook page they mentioned some “big announcements” coming today. Google told us to get ready for Monday so that is exactly what we’ve done. We’ll be sure to update as soon as anything “big” drops, but we are now seeing an update on the Google TV Blog from late last night simply outlining a new YouTube app.

We still might be seeing or hearing some exciting news today regarding Google TV — but the chances are getting smaller by the hour. Could the YouTube application for Google TV update be the “big announcement” we were expecting today, or is something else coming? With no other updates to their official blog I’m beginning to have my doubts. I’m still hopeful for more so stay tuned.

Either way they’ve updated YouTube for Google TV with some awesome new features, design changes and more so lets check it out. The update looks awesome and they posted a few screenshots and more of what we can expect. The huge changes to YouTube should be available in the Android Market on GTV devices over the next few days.

So what is new with YouTube? It will now be faster and easier to navigate with a new feature called “discover” you can use to browse categories. The entire app will also be much faster and smoother according to Google. They’ve also added specific channel pages for those wanting to easily find Comedy or whatever you’re in the mood to watch. Other updates include a few features we are already used to. Like see related videos, or video by the same uploader and more. You can see a few more screenshots in the gallery and at the source link below.

So is this all Google will be announcing for Google TV? It is an impressive update and pretty big news but they said “announcements” so hopefully they have another blog post coming later today with something better.

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