Verizon’s Fios TV service is signed into an agreement with Google TV Ads that will feature video ads uploaded by advertisers wishing to work Google’s self-serve tools. An additional 3.3 million homes will be blasted with ads through this deal, adding a big crate of eyes to that which Google TV Ads already reaches. Google and Verizon collaborated on another project dealing this time with with Net Neutrality just this past August.

In addition to this Verizon deal, Google earlier this year signed up for a deal with DirecTV, this time dealing with matters slightly outside advertising direct to the screen. How long until Google gets enough deals revved up to be able to have people go directly through their browser window into the television set with their ads through EVERY network? Only a matter of time, says we. Words from Google:

By early 2011, advertisers will be able to reach 35 million households, or almost one-third of all US cable and satellite homes through Google TV Ads. Combine this reach with our digital buying platform, and you have one powerful solution that can deliver results. 

[Via Cnet]