Google Trends already provided a useful way of keeping up with what is hot at any given time. Trends offers details on current topics, as well as what had been hot at any given time dating back to 2004. And as of today you can now have those reports delivered directly to your inbox.

Users will be able to subscribe to Hot Searches for any country as well as any search topic, or any US monthly Top Chart. Once you find the topic you want to have delivered — you’ll simply need to look for the “Subscribe” button. Assuming you are already logged in while browsing, the results will automatically go to that Gmail account.


You can also do a bit of further customizing once you click on the subscribe button. Options here include getting worldwide results, or having those broken down to a specific country.

Perhaps key for those looking to keep the email to a minimum — there is also an option to have them delivered “about” once a week or once a month. Google clarifies the “about” aspect by saying this is only a “rough estimate and will vary between topics and over time.”

Those new to Google Trends may also like the results provided directly on the web. Those include a chart showing interest over time, regional interest, related searches and more. Of course, as it had been, Trends can simply be a good place to learn a bit more about any given topic.

SOURCE: Google Inside Search