Usually, when you have text that needs translation when you’re on your mobile devices, you have to undergo several steps to be able to do it. You copy the text, go to your translation app, paste it there, push the translation button, copy the text again, then paste it to whatever app you’ll use to send or save it. Whew, sounds tiring just reading it doesn’t it? But now it seems that the latest version of Google Translate will feature a systemwide translation option so your translation process is shortened.

However, not all of us who have Google Translate will be able to experience this just yet. Only those that are running the early version of the upcoming Android update, Marshmallow, will be able to sample the new feature. If you’re one of the lucky ones who are testing M out, then you will be able to translate words on the fly, so to speak. It will also be only applicable for editable fields, like messages, notes, documents, etc.

Based on the preview we’re seeing, you would just have to highlight the words you need to translate, then along with the other cut, copy, share options, you’ll see translate and then a drop down menu to choose what language you want it to be translated in. So no more switching windows to find out how to say “i love you” in French, just in case you didn’t know it yet.

Screenshot 2015-09-07 11.02.04

Most Android users won’t be able to have this yet, not until Marshmallow launches sometime this year. But just thinking about all the multi-lingual things we can now do much easier is something to look forward to.

VIA: Android Police