Google Translate is one of the most useful programs available on the web and on mobile. It’s more than handy especially when there are content written in a different language. No need to grab a foreign dictionary or ask a translator because a simple search using Google Translate is enough. There’s no way now that one cannot understand information in another language because there’s always Google. Yup, Google still knows everything.

Google is continually improving this service and after months of more research and development, the search giant is rolling out a number of important changes. Google devs have worked with people in Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia, and India to discover how to improve on Google Translate. There are over 500 million active users of Google Translate and according to Google, about 9 in 10 live outside the US. This means there are more non-English talking people who use Google Translate for obvious reasons.

One feature is the Offline Mode. It’s already available on Android but it’s only now that iOS users can enjoy the service even without an Internet connection. You just need to download the offline packages. Google has reduced the file size to only 25MB. That’s about 10 percent smaller than the older version.

Google has also added Tap to Translate on the Android app. The usual way to get translations is to copy-past text. From one app, a person switches to Google Translate to get the translation. But with the update, you can see the translation right on the current screen. Just select the text to copy and the translation will pop up. You don’t have to go out of the app and switch to the Google Translate app. This Tap to Translate is available for all languages on Google Translate.

Google also added Word Lens in Chinese, joining all other languages for instant visual translation. It works for both Traditional and Simplified Chinese and can work offline.

SOURCE: Google