Traveling to foreign countries or interacting with foreign guests has just gotten easier. That is, if their language is one of the many that Google Translate already recognizes. Now, the updated Google Translate app on Android makes it easier to have conversations with a new language-switching gesture and even more supported languages.

Copying and pasting text in Google‘s translation services is one thing, but being put on the spot in the middle of a face-to-face conversation is quite a different game. The Google Translate app does sport a microphone icon that lets you, or the other person, speak into the device and have the language translated. With the upcoming update, though, turning the screen can switch back and forth between original and translated languages, which could probably be useful in showing what you really mean.


There are also other improvements coming to the app. For one, the handwriting feature has been augmented to recognize and translate more languages, including Hebrew, Greek, Japanese, and even Esperanto. The camera translation feature, which uses optical character recognition or OCR to extract text from a photo, now also supports Malay and Ukranian languages.

These new and improved features will be found in the upcoming update to the Google Translate app for Android, which you can download from the link below. However, Google will only be rolling out the update in staggered releases starting today and tomorrow, so don’t fret if you don’t receive the update yet.

Download: Google Translate on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Google