Google’s SVP for a range of products including Android, Google Play and Chrome OS, Hiroshi Lockheimer, recently tweeted a screenshot detailing he was testing the Android 12’s Material You experience on a flight to Tokyo. A normal photo shared from his photo gallery, went viral after it was identified that the screenshot of the Android 12 lock screen has a fingerprint symbol onscreen, which is atypical for a Pixel device currently on the market.

This instantly got people intrigued and guessing if this was a device with an under-display fingerprint sensor, which is likely to make its way into the Pixel 6 series -for the first time in Pixel devices. On downloading the original screenshot, geeks found the device the photo was taken from has 1440×3200 resolution, which is rumored to be the specification of the unannounced Pixel 6 Pro.

The combination of display resolution and the placement of fingerprint sensor within the screen could be from an Android smartphone from a different OEM too. But the screenshot seems to have a few Google preferred icons, enough for the industry experts to conclude the screenshots similar to having been clicked from the Pixel 6 Pro.

Now, all this would still be like shooting an arrow into the air, but the wave of certainty clicked it when Lockheimer deleted the photo. This has left the fans intrigued at the certain future of the Pixel 6 series.

Google recently launched the Pixel 5a, which is just a filler device, as people now have all eyes glued at the upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. At launch the Pixel 6 series is rumored to debut an under-screen fingerprint sensor and the beefier model, the Pixel 6 Pro is likely to rollout with a 1440p display; both these similarities suggested further by the leaked, now deleted, screenshot.


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