In Google’s eyes, patent litigation is a hassle that current companies should be able to do without. And in that thought, Google is spearheading PAX – a new cross-licensing initiative that Google and some major partners hope will help innovation, future growth, and protect the companies against legal threats.

Google and some major Android partners have all started PAX – a cross-licensing patent initiative where members provide royalty-free use of patents, and this covers everything Android-related. Google says that, “PAX members currently include Google, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Foxconn Technology Group, HMD Global, HTC, Coolpad, BQ, and Allview. The members collectively own more than 230,000 patents worldwide. As more companies join, PAX will bring even more patent peace and value to its members through more freedom to innovate.

If you don’t remember, Android is free to use – in fact, over 400 companies are taking advantage of this open source platform. Android is big business – as of 2016, there are over 1.6 billion people using Android devices. That’s a pretty sizable market right there, and an initiative like PAX can help companies focus spending on their business instead of litigation.

When companies progress technologically, consumers like us benefit from getting better products and more innovative tech. We hope the PAX really lowers the amount of litigation between companies who produce Android devices.

SOURCE: Google