Google is set to expand further its virtual reality market as it plans to release a new virtual reality headset. We’re not sure if it will be called Cardboard but we’ve got information that the new VR device will already run the Android VR platform, have a solid plastic casing, and get better sensors. The VR headset is believed to rival Samsung’s recently released Gear headset which is very affordable at only $99. It seems that Google is also set to challenge the Oculus Rift which is also a good choice for a new VR.

The upcoming VR headset will be able to accept a wider range of smartphone models. A number of virtual reality headsets were introduced the past couple of years but aside from the Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR, the very low cast Google Cardboard captured the attention of the consumers who bought five million units with 25 million installs. Google also listed dozens of VR app in the Play Store for everyone to enjoy.

The new VR device is expected to be have improved sensors, a new software, and more apps. The idea is to have its own software so images won’t lag as often. Virtual reality is fun alright but it can be very dizzying. You may be nauseous after a few minutes of being in the virtual realm but Google is already working on improving the system.

We don’t know how but it may have something to do with the graphics, latency, and resolution of the images one can see inside the VR headset. Maybe the spacial ratio added a few weeks back is related. More apps are also expected to be released this year so brace yourselves because virtual reality may become bigger and more common this year.

We have yet to hear the official announcement by Google but CEO Sundar Pichai himself said the first Google Cardboard was only the first step. It’s the first version so we expected a few kinks here and there. The CEO also said they will be partnering with more brands and companies this year. Before you know it, the Play Store is filled with apps with the “Works with Google Cardboard” tags.