If you’re the kind of person who thinks July 17 is the most important day of the year since it’s World Emoji Day, then we have good news for you. To celebrate this momentous holiday, Google has announced that your Android Q update expected later this year will be coming with 65 new emojis. Now if that’s not something that will change your life, at least you probably think it’s interesting that you’ll be adding new emojis to your online language.

The announcement of upcoming new emojis is always welcomed by those who don’t use regular words when chatting with their friends on their respective SMS, messaging and social media apps. And over the years, OEMs have been working closely with Unicode to come up with emojis that reflect the times and the requests of sometimes too demanding users. This year’s bunch of new emojis are not as groundbreaking as when they came out with new skin tones but it’s still interesting nonetheless.

Google highlighted some of the emojis that they’re bringing to Android devices this year. If you’re a fan of cute animals, then you’ll be pleased to know you can now send sloth and otter emojis as well as an orange orang-utan and a pink flamingo. To add to your dog emoji collections, you now have a Service Dog and a Guide Dog to send whenever appropriate. Some food emojis like a waffle, grape juice box, garlic have been added to the collection.

When it comes to the more inclusive emojis, there are now even more different kinds of couples with various skin tones so that everyone who’s in a relationship can feel represented, even if it’s just through this small thing. There are also now emojis in wheelchairs and ones with walking sticks. There are also kneeling emojis with different genders and skin tones, in case you want to pledge allegiance to something. And other emojis that were previously just male or female now have more gender-inclusive designs.

The new emojis will arrive with the Android Q update although when that will happen Google did not say yet. But they did encourage those who want to try it out to enroll in the Q Beta program.


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