Google already has the OnHub but the company will never be content with its products and services. It’s always changing and innovating which is actually a good thing for the consumers because there are more choices available. When it comes to providing Internet connection, the company has the Google Fiber and Project Fi for mobile. When it comes to Internet inside the home, the OnHub router is one solution. It rivals Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot when it comes to providing smart control and voice assistance.

There’s nothing official yet but the search giant is rumored to be introducing a Wi-Fi router aptly named as Google WiFi. If and when the story is true, it will be the first ever Google-branded router. Since two new Google Pixel phones are expected to arrive, there’s also the idea the router will be announced together with the two plus a new 4K Chromecast variant–also a rumor.

We’re looking at October 4 as the official launch since Google usually makes a special announcement around this month. We’re curious to know how the company is making this extra-ordinary but we heard the router will be “smart”. That could mean the router will be like the OnHub in some ways.

According to the source, the router can enhance WiFi range by allowing two or more Google Wifi access points to be linked together. The result is a bigger wireless network for more people to use. While Google Home is an Amazon Echo rival, this one is said to compete with the newer Amazon Echo Dot. The Google WiFi is believed to have a $129 price tag.

There’s also information that Google is launching another Chromecast. This time, it will be a premium version with its 4K streaming capabilities. Unlike the previous Chromecast models, this one will be a bit expensive at $69. You can say that’s affordable but way pricier than the original and 2nd-gen versions–about twice the price.

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