We might soon see some changes on the Play Store as Google is believed to be working on improvements on the app listings. This one is expected to allow and help Android app developers to determine the likelihood of people downloading a particular app based on the price, colors, wording, or presentation. However, this particular change would only matter to the developers and not the consumers.

Google is improving its mobile app store to provide developers more control over their listings. Some form of A/B testing is being developed that could allow anyone to test an app first before¬†rollout.¬†Once launched, this would be the first time for an app store to allow such. Even Apple doesn’t allow A/B testing of app pages yet so this could be an edge for the Internet giant. Aim of the A/B testing is to help developers increase revenue and install rates according to a recent The Information report.

A/B testing allows developers to do initial tests of price changes for the same app or test colors or icon colors between listings, as well as, wording or phrasing on the app listing. Doing all these could help developers test which listing would be more marketable for them.

The main goal of any Android developer is to increase installs so app pages must be optimized. Testing several pages or designs would help determine the success rate. This may not seem a major change for the consumers but developers can greatly benefit from this testing phase. It’s one powerful tool for those who want to target the international markets. Let’s see if the A/B testing would improve conversion rates. Expect Google to announce this change at the Google I/0 Conference happening later this month.

SOURCE: The Information