Though Google has sold Motorola, their hardware aspirations are far from dead. Nest is now said to be their new hardware arm, with CEO Tony Fadell being the driving force they may have needed all along. A new report suggests he may be getting some help, as Google looks to acquire additional wearable tech companies.

We know Google has wearable aspirations aside from Google Glass. Late last year, they purchased WIMM Labs to allegedly bolster their smartwatch project. We’ve long heard rumors of a Google-y smartwatch in development, but have yet to see it come to fruition. The latest news puts Larry Page as ready to purchase additional companies that specialize in wearable tech.

Which companies are not known, nor is the aim. Smartwatches are the assumption, but it doesn’t have to be. A radical follow-up to Google Glass may be in order, or some type of tech clothing. There is also the ‘smart ring’ hanging in the air, ready to make a splash in some way. It could also be another patent grab for Google, if it’s something like that which is holding them up from releasing their own smart wearable.

At the end of the day, it’s speculative. Nest is likely going to lead the hardware charge, but what follows may set the pace for Google in the foreseeable future. A device which falls flat could stifle their aspirations for wearable tech, while a strong device — or devices — may set a new standard in the market. Whether they actually snatch a wearable tech company or not, this much is true moving forward.

VIA: Phone Arena

Source: The Information