We didn’t see this one coming: Google copying the Moto Maker concept of Motorola. Nothing is official yet but the company is rumoured to be releasing more accessories for the Nexus line. What’s more interesting though is a certain “Workshop” that allows Nexus users to design their own protective case plus add some live wallpapers for a more personalized Nexus experience.

Google Workshop is believed to be a certain tool that allows custom cases, live wallpapers, and whatnots not only designed by Google employees but also by other Nexus users. At present, only the Nexus 5 is listed and it seems the tool is still in beta mode. Google could just be exploring this idea but the tools looks pretty serious having the Moments and MapMe as the two main features.

MapMe bases the wallpaper and case design on a place of your choice. You can customize the map by adding text or changing the colors. As for the live wallpaper, it can choose tweets or weather reports based on your location or from the accounts you follow on Twitter. The tool basically makes the wallpaper more interactive than ever.

Moments is a tool that focuses on your special moments you have captured using your phone. You can choose your favorite photo of a loved one and use it as a live wallpaper or as a design for your Nexus 5 case. With the tool, a user can edit a photo recently uploaded or stored already on a Google+ album, add some text, and then add filters.

Details are limited but this Google Workshop is something. Many people love to personalize but I’m not really sure if Nexus owners are the type who like custom stuff. For now, we’re regarding this as a rumor or still under development. No idea either on availability or pricing. Nothing is set in stone yet so we’ll see.

VIA: Android Police