The popular desktop “quick view” feature for Google search results appears to be headed to mobile in the near future. Google seems to be testing out this new quick view feature, at least on iOS, where users can instantly get a quick view of the webpage without loading the full site — and data. It’s called quick view and as you can see there’s a big nice button on some mobile browsers.

A lucky Google+ user noticed the ‘quick view’ option on his iPhone 5 while browsing the web and searching for SEO on Google. As you can see instead of just opening the page and waiting for it to load, as well as sucking down data, the Google quick view page appeared with a nicely laid out mobile version of Wikipedia for the user.

The lightweight quick view page loaded almost instantly, and is essentially a pop-up like we’re use to using on many Android apps that require browser access. Google currently offers this “quick view” feature for viewing PDF files on Google search, and for now this appears to only be functioning for Wikidedia.

Just like instant search results which eventually came to mobile devices, it looks like we’ll be seeing this awesome quick view in our mobile search results soon. I’ve tried to recreate the “quick view” button on Android using both a Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus 7, with both the stock browser and Google’s Chrome browser with no luck. Are any of you Android users seeing Google’s new quick view feature on your own devices? I can’t imagine iOS getting this first, but then again Google’s iOS team has been doing some good work lately.


[via Ubergizmo]