If you have several Google Assistant supported devices around your house, it would be helpful if you could easily just cast or stream whatever it is you’re listening to to the device in the room you’re currently in. It looks like Google is testing out a new feature on its Nest Hub that would make it easier for you to do that. Some users have spotted a new “Move to” feature on the smart display that would allow you to cast to your other devices that have Google Assistant.

Some users on Reddit spotted the new “Move to…” feature on their Nest Hub that allowed them to cast to other devices the music or audio they’re listening to. It lists down all the specific devices that are connected to their Google account, like smart speakers, maybe other smart displays, and even your Android smartphone and tablet. It doesn’t seem to work as a voice command at this point so you’ll just have to resort to physically tapping on your display.

This feature is useful for when you’re moving around the house and you don’t want to stop playback when you transfer to another room with another device. The devices will be listed under the “Move to…” part of the screen which is under the now playing section. However other speaker groups don’t appear in that list so if you have more than one speaker in a room, it may be kind of difficult.

Only some Nest Hub users seem to be seeing this feature so it might still be a test that Google is doing and so it makes sense that they test it out in their first party devices. If it is actually a firmware update that they’re rolling out, then we’ll eventually see it in other smart displays like the ones from JB, Lenovo, and LG.

We’ll update you if they do make an official announcement about the feature and other new goodies they may have for smart displays as part of the firmware update, if they do release this one as a new functionality.