Having Google Assistant updates more accessible will probably make it even more useful than it already is. Google may be thinking about that as they may be releasing an update that will see the updates show up on the Ambient Display of devices, including the Always On Display on smartphones. There may even be new additions to the update screen that should make Assistant a bigger part of your life (if it isn’t already). However these are just APK strings but hopefully, it’s something they will be bringing soon to devices.

The folks over at Android Police spotted the strings in the Google app APK 10.16 and they think it is related to having the Google Assistant display its updates on the Ambient Display. What you may see are the standard greetings that you’ll see at the updates screen (Good morning or whatever time of day it is) plus the weather. The strings also show there may be some additions like your agenda (overview at least), current music playing, and an indicator if you have enabled Do Not Disturb.

There may also be indications that you can see and set alarms from within the Ambient Display mode. There are worries that it might trigger some involuntary alarms but Google is also reportedly working on palm rejection to stop this kind of thing from happening on the Always On Display. But it’s interesting to see that the Google Assistant display will show more than just information.

The Google Assistant update page is already useful for those who use the digital assistant a lot but currently you have to swipe up on the Assistant interface to see it. Having it on the left home screen for the AOD will be highly convenient and will probably lead to more people using and enjoying it.

You can download the latest beta version of the Google app from the APK Mirror but it will still probably require for Google to flip on a server-side switch. In any case, try it out for yourself.


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