Yesterday was the official last day of support for Windows XP. Originally released back in 2001, XP was great at the time, but with Microsoft dropping support, now is the time to move on. There are certainly options to stick with Windows, however Google is using this as an opportunity to try and convince business users to move to Chromebooks.

Citing how nearly 30 percent of desktops are still running Windows XP, and about the “significant security and privacy risks, Google said “it’s time for a real change” and have announced a special offer for Chromebooks for Business. Those considering will be able to get $100 off each managed device they purchase using Chromebooks for Business.

Along with the standard $100 off managed devices option, there is something additional for those who also need access to desktop apps. For this Google is citing a pair of partnerships, one with Citrix and the other with VMware, which are offering $200 off and 25 percent off respectively.

Chromebooks for Business users can get $200 off with VMware Desktop as a Service (DaaS), and 25 percent off with Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition. The latter includes AppDNA software which is said to help in “accelerating Windows XP migration.” With legacy software and custom-built apps being two reasons why a business may have stuck with Windows XP so long — any move will present an issue, and it seems Google is going to do a bit of pushing here.

SOURCE: Official Enterprise Blog